The Union Castle Line  model of
HMS Vanguard
Earlier this year I was approached by a Mr Ian Anderson, a resident of South Africa, who told me that he had in his possession a unique momento of the  visit of the Royal Family to South Africa in 1947 -- a model of HMS Vanguard. This model, which is 1650 mm in length, was commissioned by the representatives of the then Union Castle Line in  South Africa, which formed part of the liner service between Great Britain and South Africa in those days. It was built by a Mr John Scouton and was displayed at the offices of the Union Castle Line during the period of the Royal Tour.  After the tour it was returned to Mr Scouton who then gave it to Mr Ian Anderson's father who was seven at the time.  From 1947 to 1983 the model was displayed at two hotels in Knysna. Following a period in the  Anderson's family home it was  put into storage. In 2001 it was passed on to Mr Ian Anderson who has carried out some minor repairs to the model and intends to loan it to the South African Maritime Museum for display. The following photographs of the model were kindly sent by Mr Anderson.